On the 21st and 22nd of February 2014, top executives and entrepreneurs across Lagos attended a truly unique experiential two day leadership and professional development program at the Wheatbaker hotel in Ikoyi, themed “Ignite the Champion Within”.

This transformational experience was developed by the Ignite Success and Leadership Development Academy under the leadership of Udo Okonjo, Chief Igniter and C.E.O of Fine and Country West Africa, who is passionate about igniting a new generation of transformational leaders on multiple platforms including at Fine and Country West Africa, where she has led a team of champions to win multiple awards since its’ launch in West Africa, along with Guest Igniters Bob Etherington an international Peak Performance Executive Coach and Trainer, Atlanta based Kwavi Agbeyegbe, Vitality and Health Coach, and Tokunbo Osunbayo, a Robert Kiyosaki, Cash Flow Financial Teacher and Facilitator.

Ignite the Champion Within 2014 was created and designed for leading professionals and emerging entrepreneurs to help them achieve new levels of Performance, Results and open up new Possibilities in their personal lives, careers and businesses.

On day one of the Ignite the Champion Within, having being welcomed and serenaded by a world class saxophonist, delegates had an opportunity to pose for individual profile shots by the UK based Dianna Bonner, photographer to celebrity tycoons like Richard Branson and James Caan, they immediately observed that this was no business as usual training event. The Igniters with more than 100 years of experience between them, were subsequently sworn in by a lawyer in front of the audience, and made a pledge to provide the highest level of service to the delegates. The delegates also made a formal pledge to embark on a journey of discovery with absolute sincerity, commitment and responsibility.

K.E.E.T. the training system used at this experiential training and development event is a registered system and resource tool which stands for Knowledge. Engagement. Entertainment. Transformation. K.E.E.T is an inspired approach created and adopted by the Ignite Academy, whose  mission is “to transform professionals and entrepreneurs from the inside out”, by helping them to connect with their hidden geniuses, and enabling them to ignite a whole new world of possibilities previously unrecognised or untapped.

Some of the topics covered at Ignite the Champion Within included Success is a Choice, The Champions Pathway, Success Conditioning, The secrets of Influence and persuasion, The six scientific laws of influence, Ignite your Finances, Money personalities, Reach for the Stars, Ignite Vitality and Health, Ignite Excellence, the Six Degrees of Separation and the principles of Successful Networking

The positive feedback from the delegates was overwhelming. According to the delegates, the  event had exceeded their expectations and changed their mindsets dramatically in a short time. The combination of interactive engagement, live music, and use of visual props aided understanding and concentration. Delegates learned that professional and entrepreneurial success is a journey. They gained a stronger belief in their strengths and the tools available to them to achieve unlimited results. They also learnt that only 3% of the world’s population go the extra mile to achieve their dreams because of staying in their comfort zone and not having clearly defined and written goals.

They were charged to use their networks effectively and seize opportunities daily as nothing happens without diligent consistent action. Delegates particularly enjoyed the visual and interactive illustrations, personal examples and challenging statements from the Igniters.To consolidate the transformational learning experience that started over a two period for the delegates, the Ignite the Champion Within went the extra mile to set up a follow up and post event online accountability system to enable participants review and engage with each other further.
In a month from the event, the delegates will attend a live breakfast meeting to exchange testimonials of practical results or lessons over the 30 day post event review.

Delegates in attendance represented a cross section of high profile progressive companies and Institutions, including Giant Beverages Limited, Unilever Nig plc, This Present House, Green Butterfly, Blue Mahogany, Knowledge Station International, Insourcing Limited, Smart Partners Consulting Limited, Constrad Multi concept, Stanbic IBTC, Crisp solutions, SS Dental Clinic Ltd, Nigerian Bottling company, Kenna & Associates, Templars.

Mrs Udo Okonjo the Chief Igniter and Visionary behind the Ignite the Champion Within which will be an annual event and available also for in-house training programs,  said she was extremely pleased with the incredible success of the premier edition of Ignite the Champion Within event and mentioned that this is just the beginning of series of success events by Ignite Success and Leadership Development Academy to transform the minds of emerging business leaders and serious professionals.