Guest Speaker, Tokunbo Osunbayo

Tokunbo Osunbayo is the founder of MoneyStart, a Financial Education and Skills Company based in the UK. She is a Financial Skills Trainer and Speaker. Tokunbo is absolutely passionate about people taking charge of their financial lives that she has dedicated herself to ensuring that the right and appropriate skills for developing ones financial life is being delivered by her company.

She believes the only things stopping people from improving their finances is a lack of financial education. From experience she is aware that the right training can change things for the better. Tokunbo runs unique training programmes including the famous Cashflow game designed by Robert Kiyosaki. She has even been labelled the ‘Cashflow Queen’.


“I have met Tokunbo when I started my search for Financial Education. We played my first Cashflow game together. She guided me, opened my eyes to things. And inspired me to look at my financial path with more details. I have learned a lot from her and I will continue to stick by her to absorb and learn even more. Tokunbo is a remarkable woman.”
(Raychelle Castillion, London)
“I went on the money fast with Tokunbo Osunbayo (aka the Cashflow Queen) throughout the month of June. I didn’t in a million years expect the results I got! The first week was a real shift and saw me forgoing certain luxuries for the first time in years. As each week went on and I saw the pile of cash in the biscuit tin getting higher and higher I found it easier to continue. Tokunbo’s inspired system of guiding us through 7 days at a time was genius. Feelings of wanting to fall off the wagon were swatted by my only needing to make it a few more days. By the time I was out of the shop the shoe’s that nearly caused me to break my fast seemed so much less important than the family holiday I had decided to fast for.
I completed the month and managed to save more than £600! I’ve been more myself over the last 6 weeks, but even so I’ve managed to save a whopping £400 last month and am on track to do the same for August. The money fast has enabled me to put the teachings I’ve learned at so many seminars into practice and has focussed me on building a nest of golden eggs for the future.”
(Erika Brodnock, Karisma Kidz, London)
“Tokunbo, just a short note to thank you for sharing your financial pearls of wisdom, knowledge and expertise with such precise enthusiasm, passion and liberal abundance. The precious insights and paradigm shifts I have experienced, as a result of your facilitations are, quite simply put; life changing.

Like the moment you brought the limitations of my financial focus to my attention (opportunities over pay-checks), or that time you helped me in clearly seeing how my attitude to handling money, was restricting my growth and keeping me ‘stuck’ in an unproductive and ultimately choking cycle. Simple practices for some, I’m sure, and liberating for me indeed.

I remain profoundly grateful to you Tokunbo, for helping me ‘see’ in those moments and I look forward to enjoying even more financial epiphanies and eurekas.”
(Tony Ogundeyi, London)
“Tokunbo Osunbayo provides an amazing vehicle for looking at your life and transforming your finances by mapping out a mission, and determining what’s holding you back and what you need to move forward. She has a unique ability to see what cannot be seen by the others, a fast forward thinker and improviser. She helps you see your life’s work more clearly. Tokunbo is a high quality transformational Coach in Finance and Mind Management.”
(Sam Bayati, Entrepreneur & Investor, London, UK)