Chief Igniter and Facilitator, Udo Okonjo

Udo Okonjo is a Possibilities Igniter, Real Estate Tycoon, Wealth Strategist and Passionate Teacher whose life’s vision is to democratise success by creating platforms and experiences that get people to transform their lives through changing their minds.

Participants who have had the opportunity to attend an event championed by Udo Okonjo, or heard her speak, testify to having had a transformational experience. Many, following her practical guidance, have unleashed incredible new levels in their lives, careers and businesses.

The K.E.E.T (Knowledge. Engagement. Entertainment. Transformation) is an inspired approach created and adopted by Possibilities  Igniter Udo Okonjo, who is passionate about transforming people from the inside out, helping them to connect with their hidden geniuses, enabling them to ignite a whole new world of possibilities previously unrecognised or untapped.

Udo is a mentor to several high achieving women, and ignited business owners.  She is the C.E.O/Chief Igniter at Fine and Country West Africa, and is also the founder/visioner of W.O.W. D.I.V.A.S Network.