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udo okonjo

As part of my April agenda and to address the numerous requests I receive weekly, I’m truly excited to be unveiling an incredible 6-8 weeks mentorship program targeted at aspiring and high achieving professionals and entrepreneurs.

I am essentially opening up my life, heart and resources developed in nearly 46 years of living and more than 25 years of career and business to a few audacious/driven men and women who want to become Certified Ignited Champions.  It’s going to be one of the most significant things I’ve done in a while.

The IGNITED CHAMPIONS ACADEMY (ICA) presents a LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE & PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT COURSE for individuals and businesses that are ready to take action and position for quantum acceleration.

The ICA is a Life, Business and Leadership Boot Camp that is targeted at entrepreneurs and career people to provide them with the knowledge, tools, strategies, and positioning needed to assess, determine and launch into new levels of success and personal development.

The ICA will feature industry leaders, brand consultants, successful business owners & personalities who have reached the peak of their career & sectors and will serve as catalysts for the progress of participants.



    Access to Udo Okonjo’s wealth of experience, libraray & personal consultation


    Highly charged and energized classes & presentations


    From hugely successful & experienced Course Facilitators

    Experiential Out-of-Class projects & activities


    Group projects & opportunity to pitch business idea for sponsorship from Industry giants

  • LEAD

    Opportunity to facilitate with Udo Okonjo at Grand ‘Ignite the Champion’ event in October.

ignited champions